UCD University Club Building

  • The Task

    UCD approached us to uplift their new purpose built University Club building. Initially the focus was to temporarily uplift the Café area of the building for a rushed opening. However, due to the success of this initial project (quantified by visitor feedback and the fact that many temporary solutions became permanent – on a fraction of the budget) we were asked back to develop the bar and restaurant areas.

  • The Idea

    While the building is certainly impressive to the eye, there was some feedback from visitors that it felt a bit cold – that it was missing a “lifestyle” touch. We wanted to uplift the existing space with creative flourishes.

  • Our Approach

    While there were numerous different areas to be refined, we ensured there was a consistent yet subtle infusion of the UCD brand throughout – while at the same time being respectful to what was a beautiful designed building. We utilised existing furniture where possible, designed and manufactured new furniture where needed, sourced lifestyle decoration with a UCD brand guideline twist and enhanced the entire area with creative flourishes like floral elements.

    The result was spaces that felt contemporary yet welcoming, open yet warm and in general ticked all the boxes the client wanted.

    All works were carried out in public areas and therefore were closely scheduled out-of-hours with all parties to ensure no disruptions to operations or the overall guest experience. Due to our strategic approach, the final deliverable budget was so efficient that NYD have been invited back to work on several different additional enhancement projects throughout the UCD campus.

  • The Impact

    “We sought ideas from a number of suppliers and each time Nineyards were the most innovative and practical. Nineyards fully understood the brief from both the creative and cost management perspective, working within allocated time lines and delivering on time. We would be more than happy to show the UCD University Club and the work of Nineyards to their future customers”
    – David Kelly, Bursar, University College Dublin