Absolut Brand Home Åhus

  • The Task

    To create a truly modern interactive and educative brand experience for Absolut Vodka in their hometown of Åhus in Southern Sweden; one that delighted in celebrating the unique history and ethos of the brand.

  • The Idea

    We knew we wanted to allow the journey of Absolut to unfold through effective storytelling and immersive tactile experiences – but most of all we wanted to create a true “home” for the brand.

  • Our Approach

    From the initial viewing the location, a historic listed building, we identified the opportunity to create real visual impact by merging the contemporary “cool” of Absolut with the classic aesthetic of the structure itself.

    Like a real home, we imagined how the entire space would be used and what the individual function of each room was in relation to telling the story. We sourced, designed, constructed and produced 6 main areas of the house; Cocktail Education, One Source, One Community, Our Founder, Cocktail Education #2 and Welcome Pavillion. Each with their own unique part and role to play in the story.

    For each of these spaces, we delivered a series of fully bespoke design elements. These included: immersive cocktail experiences using tables made from sustainable woods, stones and metals and a one-of-a-kind stainless steel model replica of the Absolut Distillery, illustrating the unique distillation process.

    Every element was meticulously designed and built in our Dublin workshop by our team of designers and makers, then delivered for fitting by our installation team.

    From design conception to completion, the entire project took 12 months.

  • The Impact

    Since the venue’s opening, thousands of people from all over the world have visited the experienced and immersed themselves in the brand.