Pernod Ricard Annual Conference 2018

  • The Task

    Every year 900 of the Pernod Ricard senior global team convene from all over the world on a small island off the coast of France.

    We were asked to create and deliver a memorable gala dinner experience for the 2018 Annual Conference.

  • The Idea

    Let’s create a unique ‘corporate’ event unlike any other to engage and unite 900 people who don’t really know each other that well. We began by embracing the Jameson family motto “Sine Metu” (Without Fear).

    We located a greenfield site (a clay soccer pitch) on the island and carried out feasibility testing to investigate its potential. We knew we could create something extraordinary.

  • Our Approach

    Using a 2-tiered approach to build surprise, guests were welcomed on site  through  a typical marquee tent. Suddenly a promotional video beckoned them to follow a path ‘backstage’. This path led to the real event – their very own one-night-only Jameson Festival.

    The site offered something for everyone, a range of food and entertainment options, all designed to enable a global team to bond and connect. Guests could take part in a range of games like shuffle board, pool and foosball. There were live music gigs and hidden discoverable busking sessions. Guest could relax around a campfire, experience over 6 different food vendors and above all else quality drinks. We even live streamed the champions league for the sports fans. We designed, built, shipped, rebuilt and produced the event. A team of 60 in total. We led all the French fire and safety requirements. The 3300 m2 festival footprint was transported over 2000km in 6 trucks via 2 ferries by our operations team. We also kept it a complete secret until the evening itself.

  • The Impact

    900 surprised and delighted delegates and a ringing endorsement from the CEO Alex Ricard who called it “the best dinner he had ever been to”.