Method & Madness Gin at Café En Seine

  • The Task

    Create and execute an authentically Method & Madness brand activation that connects and amplifies the brand positioning to consumers. The experience would be held at Dublin’s trendy Café En Seine bar over the October 2019 long weekend.

  • The Idea

    The brand’s very existence comes from “Restless Hearts” who strive for more by working a little differently. We will reward those of inventive vision with discoverable experiences that amplify the evening and reveal the innovative edge provided by looking at things differently.

  • Our Approach

    Utilising the brands own design-focused approach, we created personalized and discoverable activation elements that appealed to the demographic’s desire to share their individuality.

    With custom lighting and visual effects as our basis, we were able to create a range of amplification rich elements such as bespoke “tattoo” designs that only reveal their true potential under the UV light. Highly shareable and relevant to the time of year.

    For the drinks strategy, we created discoverable menus that under custom UV lighting reveal one-time-only drinks; drinks crafted and inspired by the method and madness of the venue’s own mixologists.

    We also took a measured approach to the environmental designed. No slapped on logos here. Instead spatial elements that stimulate and evolve; inviting curiosity and amplifying the drinks experience with a considered yet unconventional approach.

  • The Impact

    • Both Brand and Venue said they were “blown away” by the experience.
    • Over 130 bottles of M&M were sold across the weekend.
    • Overall sales in the bar were up 40% – the highest volume they have done since they reopened Café