Lifestyle Sports

  • Services Provided

    0:30 Broadcast commercial and social film, design and build of in-store brand installation

  • Venue

    Installation: Life Style Sports – Cork City, Shoot: The Complex Dublin

  • The Brief

    Life Style Sports was looking for a festive and impactful installation for their stores over the holidays in order to highlight their own brand which can often get lost amongst the brands on their shelves. The aim was to own the colour blue, create an impactful in-store structure (with a nod to Christmas) and effectively communicate key brand messages.

  • The Solution

    We created a modular, 4 meter high, tree shaped structure made of blue and striped branded boxes. We embedded 3 large LED screens and placed the “Life Star” logo on top. Once higher COVID restrictions were put in place and business was pushed online, we pivoted the focus of our installation into a film shoot. We filmed the assembly of the structure creating striking visuals that where then used to push out brand messages on digital.  When retail finally reopened, the film was displayed on screens in the 50+ stores across the country and the eye-catching installation was finally placed in the Cork store.