Absolut Body & Soul

  • The Task

    Body and Soul is a music and arts festival that embodies a holistic and spiritual nature.

    Our task was to create an immersive experience that would embody the spirit of the Body and Soul Festival and amplify the Absolut brand.

  • The Idea

    Marry the brand’s Swedish heritage and artistic nature by creating a Midsummer traditional Swedish celebration. Anchor the design, space and experience to build Absolut’s association with creativity and performance arts in a truly authentic way.

  • Our Approach

    We designed what looked like a traditional Swedish maypole, but it was built to support acrobatic performances. The space was broken out into a bar, stage and seating areas that reflected a Swedish natural setting. The music line up was created to keep people during the day and increase in energy throughout the evening, culminating in a dusk performance of acrobats and DJs.

    We produced and directed each performance, including all the sound and lighting design. We designed and manufactured all the bespoke furniture, including moss seating.

  • The Impact

    • 15000 Attendees over the weekend
    • 2.1m Social Engagements
    • 100% capacity for all activation events.